Farrando Jordi Architect, UIA Secretary General, Spain
  Ius Giancarlo Architect, President of UIA Region I, Italy
  Tochtermann Wolf Architect, Director of UIA Commission on International Competitions, Germany
  Hegger Manfred Architect, Co-Director of UIA Work Programme on Sustainable Architecture (Region I), Germany
  Patkau Patricia, Architect, Professor in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, Canada
  Mutiso Reuben Architect, Former UIA Council member & Vice President, Kenya
  Komut Emine Architect, former director of UIA Work Programme on Urban Settlemets and National or Other Disasters, Turkey
  Fintikakis Nikos Architect, Director of UIA-ARES Work Programme, Greece
  Siola Lisa Architect, President of UIA Greek Sectionand UIA Council member, Greece
  Belavilas Nikos Architect, Professor of National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  Georgakopoulos Panayiotis Architect, President of the Greek Association of Architects, Greece(SADAS-PEA).