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Apart from the Executive Administration the TCG is structured as follows:

Seventeen Administrative Committees of the Regional Sectors. These are elected bodies consisting of nine to eleven members, according to the number of members of each Regional Sector.

Consultative Bodies

The TCG's Administration is being helped by Consultative Bodies to accomplish its purposes. They are:

  1. Scientific Committees of Expertise. These bodies have a consultative character. They consist of five elected members. Each committee represents one of the nine basic engineering fields.

Specifically :

o Civil Engineers

o Architect Engineers

o Mechanical Engineers

o Electrical Engineers

o Rural and Surveying Engineers

o Chemical Engineers

o Mining and Metallurgical Engineers

o Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

o Electronic Engineers

 2.   Permanent   and   Scientific Committees.

Permanent committees are appointed to study issues of interest for the engineers, such as:

  • New engineers
  • Aircraft-builders
  •  Energy
  •  Industry
  •  Ecology - Environment
  •  Research and Technology
  •  Regional Planning and Urban Planning
  •  Local government and    Regional    Development
  •  Security and Social Welfare
  •  Production of Public Works    (Planning - Programming Study - Construction -Administration - Materials)
  •  International Relations
  •  Computer science Building Activities
  •  General Building Legislation and Urban Planning Applications
  •  Transportation
  •  Security and Hygiene in the work place
  •  Employment and Unemployment
  •  Natural Resources
  •  Standardization - Eurocodes
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Cultural Activities
  •  Shipping

Specialized Scientific Committees help both Scientific Committees of Expertise and Permanent Committees to encounter professional or scientific matters and issues of general interest.

Regional Sections Special Committees and Work Groups

There are also Special Committees, set by the Executive Committee or the Executive Committees of the Regional Sections for specialized issues. There are also a great number of Work Groups studying special subjects.

Many engineers and other professionals such as lawyers, economists, sociologists etc. participate in these work groups.

Disciplinary Council

The Technical Chamber of Greece has a first degree Disciplinary Council and a Supreme one, to control its members.

The Technical Chamber of Greece has also a number of administrative departments. Most of them are situated in Athens and are organized in such a way, to support its scientific work and current needs.