Tech. Chon. Sci. J. T.C.G., II
Published twice yearly by the Technical Chamber of Greece

ISSN 1106-4943
Jan. - Dec. 2004, vol. 24, no 1-2 (single issue)

Previous title
Technika Chronika, Scientific Journal of the
Technical Chamber of Greece, Section A

Legally responsible
Giannis Alavanos, president of the T.C.G.

Responsible on behalf of the Executive Committee of the T.C.G.
Giorgos Ioannidis, member of M.C. of the T.C.G.

Yota Kazazi, Editorial Dept. of the T.C.G.
Editing issue
Yota Kazazi
tel. (+30) 210-3671183 fax (+30) 210-3618609
Editing greek text
Litsa Rouvoli
Editing english text
Philip Lees
Data Processing - D.T.P.
Stratos Kolifetis

Board of Scientific Editions
Prof. A. Andreopoulos, (chem. eng.), prof. D.-D. Balodimos (rur. and surv. eng.), prof. E. Biris (arch. eng.), assoc. prof. Gr. Grigoropoulos (naval mech. eng.), prof. A. Karabinis (civ. eng.), prof. A. Moropoulou (chem.. eng.) prof. N. Ouzounoglou (elec. eng.), prof. A. Safacas (elec. eng.), prof. J. Stefanou (arch. eng.), prof. N. Vlachos (mech. eng.)
Editorial Board
Prof. M. Angelidis, prof. Ch. Athanassopoulos, prof. E. Biris, prof. D. Ikonomou, prof. P. Loukakis, prof. D. Papaioannou, prof. P. Stathacopoulos, prof. J. Stefanou, prof. L. Wassenhoven.

Abstract Sheets
T.C.G., Documentation and Information Unit
23-25 Lekka str., GR 105 62 Athens
tel. (+30) 210-3291700-8, fax (+30) 210-3237525

Annual Subscription Rates*
Free to T.C.G. members. Greece: Individuals: eur 26.41
Institutions: eur 70.43 Students: eur 8.80
Other countries: Individuals: US $ 60, Institutions: US $ 100
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