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EU Projects

Project: SEAP-PLUS   (IEE/11/978/SI2.615950)        

The Technical Chamber of GREECE (TCG) participated to the Intelligent Energy Europe project titled «Adding to SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan)– more participants, more content across Europe (SEAP-PLUS)»

SEAP-PLUS aimed at the enhancement of the CoM results and impact in both quantitative and qualitative terms: bring more Signatories and Covenant Supporters or Coordinators in CoM, assist and help them in the preparation of more and better SEAPs, but also trigger cooperation of Local Authorities with Regional Authorities and Energy Stakeholders and cooperation between experienced and learning CoM participants.

Furthermore, evaluating the importance of having accurate and reliable energy data within the Covenant of Mayors (NTP) the project seeked to inform, mobilize and work together with the local energy stakeholders.

Duration: April 2012- September 2014
EU contribution:   75% of the total cost of the project

Technical Chamber of Greece as Coordinator,
Energy Environment Local Development SA (Greece),
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability,
European Secretariat (Germany),
Diputacio de Barcelona –DIBA- (Spain),
Municipality of Jokkmokk (Sweden),
Regional Energy Agency of Liguria (Italy),
Black Sea Regional Agency for Energy Management (Bulgaria) Romanian Municipalities Association (Romania),
State Ltd. Vides Projekti (Latvia),
Cyprus Energy Agency,
Local Energy Agency for Renewable Sources and Sustainable Development (Italy),
Climate Alliance of Austria,
Local Energy Agency Pomurje (Slovenia).

Website:  www.seap-plus.eu

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