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Scientific Activity

The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) pledges itself to promote science in the fields relating to the specializations of its members. Therefore, the TCG enjoys a predominant role in the developments in the science of engineering. In this regard, the activities carried out and supported by the TCG include:

  • • Organizing  scientific and educational activities (conferences, workshops, events, seminars and sessions)
  • Monitoring, commenting and giving expert opinions on Draft Laws, Presidential Decrees and Regulations pertaining to the technical world.
  • Editing  the Manuals of Structural Materials that codify  scientific and technical information and  data which are of interest to the engineers
  • Monitoring the work relating to the drafting of Specifications, Directives and Eurocodes
  • Collaborating with the regional TCG sections for the formulation  of the TCG position on scientific issues
  • Awarding prizes to the excellent students of the Engineering Schools of Greece.
  • Monitoring and supporting the activity of the TCG Permanent and Scientific Committees.
  • Publishing the Scientific Editions of the TCG, providing, thus, direct and updating information to the engineers regarding issues pertaining to the fields of their interests and highlighting the scientific work of Greek engineers. 
  • Designating the TCG Representatives to Councils, Committees and meetings.
  • Observing standardization issues, maintaining a database of Greek and International standards and cooperating  with the Hellenic Standardization Organization (ELOT)

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