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The Executive Administration of the Technical Chamber of Greece is elected every three years. It consists of the following bodies:

a. Assembly Presidium
It is the TCG’s collective representative body and consists of 200 delegates.
b. The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, the two Vice Presidents, a Secretary General, a Deputy Secretary General and ten Members.

PRESIDENT: Stasinos Giorgos- Civil Engineer 
1st VICE PRESIDENT:  Milis Nikolaos - Civil Engineer
2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Andredakis Nikolaos - Civil Engineer
SECRETARY GENERAL: Ilias Anastasios - Civil Engineer
DEPUTY SECRETARY GENERAL:  Xifaras Konstantinos – Mechanical Engineer

Akritidis Polychronis  - Rural and Surveying Engineer
Antivalidis Panagiotis - Civil Engineer
Giannadakis Athanasios – Mechanical Engineer
Kapsaskis  Georgios  - Civil Engineer
Koutzis Dimitrios – Civil Engineer
Kyriakopoulos Ioannis  - Civil Engineer
Bouki Eleni  - Architect Engineer
Siounas Markos  - Mechanical - Electrical Engineer
Tsonis Panagiotis – Civil Engineer
Psomiadis Konstantinos – Civil Engineer

Moropoulou Antonia - Chemical Engineer, President
Protonotarios Antonios - Civil Engineer, 1st Vice President
Doukas Chrysostomos - Mechanical Engineer, 2nd Vice President
Papagiannidis Dimitrios – Civil Engineer, Secretary General
Gagalis Giorgios - Mechanical Engineer, Deputy Secretary General

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