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The Technical Chamber of Greece, Technical Advisor to the Hellenic State and representative body of all Greek Qualified Engineers, implemented the building permit electronic issuance system, which allows the electronic submission of permit requests-applications and relevant documentation- by the builderís architect/ engineer as well as the internal management control and approval of applications by Building Service staff and the immediate notification of the applying engineer.

This is the first interactive system of its kind in Greece, allowing the Engineers and the Public Administration staff to be linked in real-time.It was introduced based on the provisions of L.4030 / 2011 governing the procedure for issuing 'planning permission' and is an implementation workflow tool with the following features:

  • The system accepts applications for permits and all required documentation, including technical studies, in electronic form.
  • The application is submitted to the appropriate Building Service Office according to the geographical location of the construction site for which permit is requested. Building Service staff members check and record their observations electronically and the applying engineer and citizen/ owner are notified in real time.
  • The permit is issued on the applicationís obtaining all required approvals, given the technical studies and additional documentationís completeness.
  • The entire check process, history of changes and filing are kept electronically and are made available to the engineer, the owner, the competent Building Service Office and the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
  • The system also includes a building inspection request capability for the different stages of construction. The request is entered by the supervising engineer and the auditor in charge is drawn randomly, according to the location of the property. The process and the audit findings are available directly to the Building Services and the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
  • Particular attention has been paid to the future provision for forwarding requests to other Agencies and Authorities, not related to Building Services, in order to facilitate searches and obtaining additional approvals where required.

The system has been tested by engineers and Services Building administrators, in several parts of the country, and has-so far- received excellent response. The Technical Chamber of Greece also created a nationwide network of engineers to support the Building Service administrators, at the initial stages of the systemís operation.

The use of the e-permit system will limit unnecessary bureaucracy thus responding to requests of Greek Engineers, who for years have been overwhelmed with inefficient and time-consuming procedures when applying for building permits. It will equally free public administratorsí time so that they can concentrate on the essence of their work to better serve the citizen.

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An important new initiative of the Technical Chamber of Greece a practical tool for the practicing Engineer.

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