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The Technical Chamber of Greece has more than 100.000 members encompassing all the engineering disciplines. The TCG members are enrolled in the TCG Register and are the only ones entitled to practice the engineering profession in Greece.

A prerequisite for being a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece is to be licensed as a qualified engineer and to be a graduate of engineering schools of Greek Universities, or of equivalent schools abroad.

The Technical Chamber of Greece is the authorized body to grant work licenses to engineers of all disciplines, graduated in Greece or abroad. The license is awarded after sitting examinations successfully, organized by the TCG. The examinations take place three to four times a year.

Energy Auditors

 Energy Auditors who are enrolled in the Registry of Energy Auditors, maintained by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change are enabled to carry out inspections concerning the energy efficiency of the buildings.  The TCG conducts the online national certification examinations for Energy Auditors. The candidates can attend preparation programs offered by the Lifelong- Learning Centers accredited by the Ministry of Environment & Energy.

The candidates shall initially submit an online application which is subsequently online checked and verified. Then, they select the session in which they want to sit their examinations and come to the Central Office or to the Regional Sections of the TCG on the selected examination date. The examinations results are notified to the candidates within a short period and certificates are issued for those who succeed in the examinations.

Participation in the TCG Permanent Committees

The TCG looks forward to an increased participation of its members in its work. Indeed, the TCG derives its strength from its members. That is why all the members of the TCG afford the opportunity to submit nomination for membership of the TCG Permanent Committees, responding to calls for nominations published at regular intervals by the TCG. It is worth noting that even though not all the nominees are ultimately selected to participate in the composition of a permanent committee, all of them can still be informed about the activities of the respective committee via e-mail alerts, attend all its sessions and submit proposals and reports, whenever they want.

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