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Services to it's members

For the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), each member is unique. Thatís why, it attempts to help all its members fulfill their potential and have a successful career. Meanwhile, all the TCG members bear the same rights and obligations.  In this respect, the TCG provides both personalized and all- inclusive services to its members with a commitment to excellence. The main services provided by the TCG to its members include:

  • Providing  counseling and support  regarding any problems they may face in the practice of their profession (compensation, insurance, tax and employment matters)
  • Striving to secure equitable remuneration for the services provided by its members
  • Providing information about the institutional framework of the professional rights of engineers
  • Caring for the continuing education, social security authority  and promotion of  its members
  • Suggesting new fields of employment for young engineers according to the European and International Standards
  • Providing assistance to its members who are interested in practicing the engineering profession abroad, as well as to foreign entities requesting information on the professional rights of Greek engineers and/or on technical issues
  • Publishing on its website all Contest Notices and enhancing, thus, indirectly, engineersí employment prospects
  • Issuing to its members certificates of confirmation for multiple uses (for example tenders)
  • Checking the authenticity of the certificates of studies, safeguarding, by this way, the authority of its members and the engineering profession generally
  • Retaining correspondence with its Members

In addition to these, the TCG is the voice of engineers by representing the engineering branch at local, national and international level.  In this regard, it gives experts opinion, either on its own initiative or upon request of the authorities, on Bills introduced in Parliament, regarding insurance, employment and professional matters related to the engineers.

It also cooperates with trade and labour unions of Engineers, as well as with other legal entities representing the scientists, on mapping out policies for the benefit of its members and of the state.

Furthermore, TCG representatives at European and International Engineering Associations do their best to defend the interests of the TCG members and of the State.

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