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Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 ( is an integrated, standards-based software platform that allows organizations of all sizes to be more responsive to changing business requirements.

Oracle Application Server includes:
  • A Web server with PHP and PERL scripting facilities to build Web sites
  • A J2EE 1.4 compatible application server and development tools to build Web sites and Internet applications in Java/J2EE
  • Extensive Web Services capabilities to service enable new and existing applications
  • An industry leading persistence solution for Java/J2EE applications with over 10 years of experience and proven success
  • A Web-based management console providing comprehensive management and deployment support
  • Comprehensive support for key service-oriented architecture (SOA) technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, JavaServer Faces, Web Services metadata, and business rules

Getting Started


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OTN and Release Notes


Read the latest Release Notes on Oracle Technology Network for important information about Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 (




The Oracle Application Server documentation set consists of the documentation library and the platform-specific documentation
  • The Oracle Application Server documentation library contains administration, configuration, and development documentation. The documentation library is on its own CD-ROM in the Oracle Application Server CD pack.
  • The Oracle Application Server platform-specific documentation includes installation and upgrade documentation and release notes.
The Oracle Application Server documentation is also available on Oracle Technology Network.


Additional Resources on the Oracle Technology Network


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