Tech. Chon. Sci. J. T.C.G., I
Published three times yearly by the Technical Chamber of Greece
ISSN 1106-4935
Nov. Dec. 2010, vol. 1, no 3
Legally responsible
Christos Spirtzis, president of the T.C.G.
Yota Kazazi, Editorial Dept. of the T.C.G.
Editing issue
Yota Kazazi
Editing greek text
Nektaria Gounari, Maria Skoula
tel. (+30) 210-3671183 - fax (+30) 210-3618609
Data Processing - D.T.P.
Stratos Kolifetis, Yota Kazazi
Editorial Board
Civil Engineering:
Prof. G. Athanassopoulos, assoc. prof. M. Kavvadas, prof. A. Karabinis, prof. P. Latinopoulos, prof. K. Moutzouris, prof. B. Stefanis, prof. C. Syrmakezis.
Rural and Surveying Engineering:
Prof. K. Katsambalos, prof. D. Paradisis, prof. D. Vlachos.
Prof. M. Angelidis, prof. Ch. Athanassopoulos, prof. E. Biris, prof. D. Ikonomou, prof. P. Loukakis, prof. D. Papaioannou, prof. P. Stathacopoulos, prof. J. Stefanou
Prof. P. Maragos, prof. E. Protonotarios, prof. A. Safacas, prof. E. Sarris, prof. M. G. Strintzis, prof. D. Tsanakas
Mechanical Engineering:
Dr A. Efthimiadis, prof. D. Papanikas, prof. D. Papantonis, prof. E. Rogdakis, prof. N. Vlachos.
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering:
Prof. V. Papazoglou.
Chemical Engineering:
Prof. A. Andreopoulos, prof. K. Magoulas, prof. A. Moropoulou, prof. S. Nychas, prof. V. Rigopoulou-Kaselouri, prof. D. Tsahalis.
Mining and Metallurgical Engineering:
Prof. Z. Agioutantis
Abstract Sheets
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