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Role & Objectives
The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG) was established in 1923. It is a public legal entity, with elected administration. Its headquarters are in Athens and has branches in 17 geographical regions.

It aims at developing Science and Technology in sectors related to the disciplines of its members, for the economic, social, and cultural development of the country, in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

The Technical Chamber of Greece is the official adviser of the State. In particular it:

Studies, on its own initiative or upon request, by itself or in coordination with other scientific institutions, any technical, economic or development matter that is of interest to society. It also expresses official opinion on legislative issues on these matters.

Advises on issues within its scope, upon request by the competent authorities, or other institutions of the public sector or unions.

Surveys the activities of its members as well as related construction and other industries, formulating statistical reports and information for the benefit of the state and other institutions.

Assists in the proper formation and implementation of development projects and the utilisation of natural resources. For the improvement of the quality of life and the protection of the environment, the TCG carries out research and studies as well as guidelines for standards, regulations and contracts.   

Contributes to making programmes on technical education, to developing local research and technology, and to maximising the potential of its members, in accordance with the development needs of the country.
Informs the public by issuing announcements, publications, etc., on any subject within its scope, in order to render same more easily understood.

Participates in International Organisations, in Unions and Federations of Engineers, develops relations with similar organisations of other countries and organises conferences, exhibitions and other events to promote its scope.   

Carries out surveys, appraisals, valuations, arbitration on all matters related to the planning and construction of technical works.   

The Technical Chamber of Greece is of service to its members by :

Organising and conducting examinations, and awarding professional licenses
Keeping the records of individual members and corporate entities.

Striving to secure equitable remuneration for the services provided by its members.

Caring for the employment, continuing education, social security, protection and promotion of the status of its members.

Publishing newsletters, information bulletins and other editions.

Investigating new forms of professional activities for its members.
Upholding the enforcement of the code of ethics, as applicable to the professions of its members.